AGFA H1650i LED Express Traffic Sign Printer

AGFA 1650i LED Express

H1650i LED Express | ORALITE UV Traffic Sign Printer Express

  • UV Technology Latest UV-LED curing technology
  • Traffic Spot Colours By using dedicated traffic spot colours, ink consumption is reduced as colours do not need to be mixe
  • Less risk of producing non-compliant signs
  • Excellent weatherability as colors are developed for outdoor traffic signs (10/12+ years)
  • Printer Speed 242 ft2/hr
  • Maintenance/Cleaning Printer can remain without printing while on holiday for longer duration, up to 10 days.
  • Reinforced beam Sees to it that the shuttle moves about flawlessly ensuring accurate dot placement.
  • Operator Handling Loading-Unloading of rolls is easy and as a result, there is Minimal Material Waste during Set-Up
  • Ionization bars mounted on the carriage remove electro-static charges on the substrate, ensuring optimum ink droplet placement
  • UV-LED curing technology has replaced UV-Bulb in many industries.
  • The UV LED Technology used on the H1650i Xpress machine has the following features,
Instant drying
  • Operates on low voltages making them electrically simpler and safer compared to the earlier UV Bulb technology on their M2050/M2050i machine
  • No warm up/cool down of the lamps, instant on/off 10,000 hours operation lifetime compared to several hundred for the UV bulb
  • Overall reduced service and consumable costs
  • Convenient operator interface All settings are conveniently arranged in a powerful straightforward user interface on a swivel-arm mounted touch screen. 1 TB of memory enables fast transfer of ripped files
  • Multiple Jobs Can be queued up at a time
  • Ink monitoring During production the ink levels are monitored by the automatic ink refill system
  • Print-Head Technology By using the latest technology for print-heads,

Ink consumption is optimized

Higher Image Quality can be achieved

Part is readily available

  • Shuttle safety sensors A set of shuttle safety sensors prevents print heads from touching the substrate and getting damaged.
  • Hybrid The hybrid design enables individual sheets or rigid material up to 40mm in thickness to be printed on the machine.
  • Inflatable airshaft for good roll tension
  • Ink Fill while the machine is running
  • Compact Footprint. ~62 ft2