Nepata UA1650 ADWS Converting Center

Nepata 1650 ADWS converting center

The UA1650 ADWS is the most successful and established converting center for film media worldwide. Equipped with high precision rewinding and automatic cross cutting, the UA1650 ADWS supports exact slitting, rewinding and cross cutting of media.

The swivel shaft of the UA1650 ADWS can be operated easily and almost effortlessly, and the mounting and removal of empty cores or ready-trimmed film rolls is accomplished in a matter of seconds. The adjustable end position of the swivel shaft guarantees ergonomic operation, even for your smaller staff members! The slitter is equipped with a guided rotary blade, which can be fixed if necessary. It is mounted on a smooth axial slide and can be very easily positioned using the dual digital displays for relative and absolute measurements.

Film rolls with a maximum diameter of up to 16in may be mounted as master rolls. Rolls with a maximum diameter of 280mm / 11in may be rewound, the maximum diameter for slitting rolls is 280mm / 11in. The maximum media width for rewinding is 1650mm / 65in, whereas rolls with a width up to 1900mm / 75in may be slit.

The UA1650 ADWS can be operated either via the internal controller or the comprehensive ConvertPlus2 software. Rewinding is fast and precise down to < 1mm/m, and the unwind / rewind shafts are automatically tensioned via compressed air.

Top converters and distributors around the globe use the UA1650 ADWS to process a wide range of media including, self adhesive films, sandblasting films, masking films, vehicle wrap films, magnetic films, flex films, flock films, heat transfer films (HTM), banner material, photo paper, papers, wall paper, reflective films, mesh, dye sublimation transfer paper, digital magnetic window tint film (Suncare Select, MAC, SOLYX, 3M Fasara, MADICO), canvas, leather and more.

  • Rewinding speed up to 5 feet per second
  • Rewinding and trimming as wide as 65 inches
  • Slitting as wide as 75 inches
  • 99.9% rewinding accuracy
  • Adjustable swivel shaft for perfect ergonomics
  • Adjustable tension shafts for quick setup
  • Automatic pneumatic tensioning
  • Easy to operate slitting unit with dual digital display
  • Operation via ConvertPlus2 software including bar code labels for short and master rolls

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